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Contract Internet Installers and Service Technicians by TurnkeyISP Trucks

Rapidly deploy internet service into new markets and scale up your subscriber base with a traveling team of professional internet installers and service tech contractors with TurnkeyISP Trucks

“Reliable and fast. They were there when we needed them.”

We were short-staffed and TurnkeyISP Trucks kept our subscribers happy until we could hire new techs

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Scale with quality installations

Repeat service calls and avoidable truck rolls make scalping up impossible. To get your operation to the next level you need durable, high quality installations that won’t generate future device calls.

Energize your local teams

TurnkeyISP Trucks works in parallel with your in-house installation crews and field techs. We will clear the backlog so your in-house team can be more responsive to the needs of your subscribers going forward.

Culture of success

We are experienced professionals with strong work ethic and we lead by example. We prefer to get on the road early and work long days. We do what it takes to get your subscribers connected and make sure they are happy.

Fixed price, predictable budgets

Internet installations and service calls pay for themselves and TurnkeyISP Trucks makes it easy to budget with flat rates for installations and service calls.

Fixed price installations

The labor component of an equipment loan is often approximately equal to the value of the equipment. TurnkeyISP Trucks will install your equipment on time and on budget so you and your lender have nothing to worry about.

Meet your funding obligations

The governments and organizations that provide broadband funding appreciate the assurance that their funding will be quickly and efficiently put to use improving broadband connectivity for the communities you serve. We make sure your capital funding is quickly put to use so everyone wins.

Quickly conver capital funding into revenue

Everyday that equipment sits on the warehouse shelf or capital funding sits in your bank account is a day of potential revenue that you can never recover. TurnkeyISP can quickly deploy that equipment and convert your capital investments and funding into regular reccuring monthly revenue.

Subscribers expect responsive service

Providing responsive, local service is what made your WISP successful but it is difficult to maintain that high level of service as your subscriber base grows.

Top to bottom, start to finish

TurnkeyISP Towers can install new radios and antennas on top of towers, configure the access points, install or upgrade customer premises equipment (CPEs) and subscriber modules (SMs), and set up and configure home Wi-Fi routers and mesh Wi-Fi systems. Our staff’s unique understanding of the entire system allows us to work more effectively and make better choices.

Grounded to National Electrical Code (NEC)

Connecting everything to the existing ground improves performance and reliability and greatly reduces future truck rolls. We connect antennas, mounts, external lightning surge protectors at the entry points, shielded cable drain wires, shielded RJ45 connectors, power injectors, and home Wi-Fi routers to the existing ground.


We seal every lag and cable screw clip to keep out moisture and bugs and provide.


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Industry groups and trade shows

Wireless Internet Service Providers Association (WISPA)

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We earn 5-star reviews for your ISP

Cassidy Weekes Avatar

Cassidy Weekes

1 Review

Matthew & Baline at the soldotna location are amazing! Great communication, seamless application, fantastic customer service! Our second home getting spit spots & we were even more impressed with the teamwork from this company! Amazing!!

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Sandra Millhouse Avatar

Ruston Hafif

1 Review

Matthew was great he did a very clean instal highly recommend

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Colton Wilt avatar

Colton Wilt

1 Review

Gotta say the service was great. Matthew did a great job. He was quick. No hassle with anything. Recommend spitspot for sure. An hopefully you get Matthew to be the one to install you’re stuff

Posted on

Internet access type

Unlicensed fixed wireless access (FWA) 900Mhz, 2.4 Ghz, 5GHz

5G/ LTE licensed fixed wireless access


Fiber / PON


Residential installations

Telescoping masts


Trenched conduit and cable

Direct burial

Micropop and wireless relay

Aerial fiber drops