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TurnkeyISP Staff Are Really Good!


TurnkeyISP Staff Are Really Good!

I'm continually impressed by the quality of work performed by TurnkeyISP remote staff.

Our remote technical support staff typically post their ticket summaries into group chat. This gives the ISP's local team convenient visibility on service issues.

Yesterday I was reviewing a group chat and I was especially proud of a new team member's contributions. Here are some of that team member's chat screenshots from yesterday.

alt text

alt text

alt text

These all came from one junior team member who has only been working with TurnkeyISP and the ISP client for a few months. Very impressive!

Short and sweet

I love that these ticket summaries have extremely high signal-to-noise ratios. They are short and sweet!

I edited out the customer contact info but each of these also contained the customer contact information including the name, address, and phone number of each customer. Each summary is easy to read at a glance.

They all contain the following elements:

✅ Customer contact info

✅ Type of problem

✅ Short problem description

✅ Troubleshooting steps

✅ Outcomes

Of course my favorite part is the outcomes: Resolved! Resolved! Resolved! Not a single unnecessary escalation.

Verified fixes

I posted this to social media and someone noted that each of these tickets was solved by a simple reboot. That is true! But I'm happy she didn't start with rebooting the equipment.

She started with getting the customer contact info, then getting problem descriptions, then troubleshooting and verifying the problem, then performing the fix, then verifying the fix with the customer. It is important to go through these steps in this order so we can be confident the reboot actually fixed the customer's problem. If we just reboot without verification then we can't really be confident in the fix.

Permanent solutions

With ticket summaries like this the ISP client will know why their customers need to constantly reboot their Wi-Fi routers and can take appropriate action to permanently fix these recurring pain points for their subscribers.

Extensions of your local team

Our remote staff work as extensions of local teams, making local teams more effective.

✅ Reducing the number of escalations

✅ Identifying the root cause of persistent issues

✅ Pinpointing the problems so your field techs arrive prepared and don't need to troubleshoot from the beginning

TurnkeyISP staff are long-term and we work with you toward your long-term goals. Our team gets to know your business, your local team, your network, and your subscribers and actively participates in your business. When your ISP is successful then we are successful. And that is super exciting!!