David Dean


I built this blog to provide unique insights into the world of wireless internet service providers (WISPs.) This blog includes instructions on how to start a WISP, growth hacks, a technical training manual, as well as tutorials and comparisons of common WISP software and tools.

During the start of the pandemic I needed a call center for my own WISP. The existing call centers all seemed to be a really bad fit so I started TurnkeyISP. Since then TurnkeyISP has steadily grown to support more than a dozen WISPs across the country.

I know that WISPs are held to higher standards by their subscribers. TurnkeyISP's mission is to improve the quality of WISP frontline subscriber support. We believe that if a call can be solved remotely then it should be solved remotely and this frees up the resources of the local team. We bring our own WISP backgrounds as well as our experiences supporting a variety of different WISPs.

Here is a timeline of my job history in the WISP industry:

job history timeline